«When I first entered the Archives of Elisabetta Catalano and witnessed the photographic portraits of Federico Fellini, I immediately sensed a time that had passed. This gave rise to my desire to re-experience that period. Therefore, since Federico Fellini is synonymous with magic, and photography has the ability to stop the moment, this exhibition manages to bring that past time back to life.».

Ri-trattoRosso Fellini Catalano

This was just the very beginning, the starting point for the research and design of the exhibition “Ri-tratto rosso. Elisabetta Catalano looks at Federico Fellini”. The exhibition, curated by Emanuele Cappelli and organized by Istituto Luce Cinecittà, received the contribution of DG Cinema and Audiovisivi and the collaboration of Archivio Elisabetta Catalan.


«The main focus of the research was to restore that Fellini-like dreamy and visionary mood, through color and sound effects – continues Emanuele Cappelli. I imagined the best way to translate that atmosphere and make sure that everyone could understand it. I let a space speak and I filled it with time..»



The entire concept of the exhibition revolves around time. And it is light that Emanuele Cappelli chooses as the key element to transform Cinecittà’s Teatro 1 into a space that seems suspended in time, and that is filled with that distinctive Fellini’s atmosphere. Once spectators step into the exhibition, they are presented with immense portraits of the Maestro, supported and alternated by gigantic orthogonal panels representing the walls of a cathedral, a religious tribute to the great Fellini.

This is an open but intimate space, where images and words are discovered by visitors. Finally, this itinerary is completed by the original installation of Catalano’s studio, left just as it was for Fellini’s last portrait.


«In this corner one can catch a glimpse, in a voyeuristic act, of the intimacy of the last shot: what an unprecedented gift for the audience of Cinecittà.»


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