Dynamic Brand

The reality we are living makes use of a communication code that is animated, fluid and dynamic. Companies need to follow the temperal and spatial pace to not lose the opportunity to consolidate, develop and transform themselves. Moreover, users are becoming less and less willing to give up on the creation process. This revolution has encouraged the development of social media. However, even those brands who managed to build a strong identity over time are not immune from a deep transformation, from a rapid and unpredictable obsolescence, from a continual questioning. Any reality which is not able to keep pace with this reality will inevitably fall part.

Interactive Brand

The Interactive Brand is the new frontier for the Corporate Identity and it's a declination of the Dynamic Brand. It's built through the principle of involvement, playfulness and use of new technologies. This system deepens the relationship between brand and people. Technically the designer sets the visual parameters within which people can move and, unconsciously, change the outcomes. The process is therefore able to exploit all the information from Big Data.
A brand is 'interactive' when it perceives inputs from the external environment and is subject to changes due to human intervention. The interactive logo communicates by responding to acoustic and thermal stimuli related to presences and movements, and the synesthesia reaches the culminating point when it's possible to see sounds, hear colors and all the signs generated by an happy exchange and a productive sensorial inversion, which must be consistent with the visual corporate identity.
The user comes into play only after the rules have been written by the designer. The person interacts with the brand by starting a two-way dialogue, in which for every action there is always a response.
In the development of an Interactive Brand different professional figures are involved: 
  • The strategist, to work on the definition of strategies in close contact with the company.  
  • The designer, to set the visual rules through shapes, font and colors. 
  • IT manager to research and plan the best hardware and software infrastructure, for the collection of variables and to allow the processing of external inputs.
The interactive brand allows to build and amplify the relationship between people and user by relying on the emotional aspect. It’s a dialogue built on the basis of the user’s reactions , which provide authenticity and irreproducibility, founding principles of the experience.
Immobility means death. The only way to maintain a stable and consistent identity is to ride the evolution line Space-Time. We therefore go beyond the classical concept of brand, that from static and monolithic becomes dynamic, interactive and generative.
The Interactive Brand is a principle that applies to all means of communication, even to the most traditional ones. The focus is therefore not on supports, but on the forms of relationship with people. In the interaction, for each stimulus there is an unpredictable, non-reversible reaction. We are talking about interaction: a means of communication, even the most traditional one, creates a stimulus that the person can perceive, interpret and return. The individual’s response corresponds with the variation of the means of communication, a means for the dialogue between brand and the individual.

Design Thinking

We use the DT method as designers, but above all as thinking, feeling human beings.
We are sure that designers’ work processes can help us systematically apply these person-centred techniques to solve issues in a creative and innovative way: in our designs, in our businesses.
So, we have rapidly adopted the Design Thinking approach.
Design Thinking is the process we apply when seeking to understand the user and redefine the issues in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding.
It helps us to observe and develop empathy with the target user.

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