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Project Description

As part of the DIGITAL IMPRESA LAZIO project, or the provision of contributions to support the digitalization processes of companies, the new digital identity of Cappelli Identity Design and the digital tools for its diffusion were designed. The new website of the studio, created by Elicos srl, was also designed including the Shop section (e-commerce).


The Cappelli Identity Design project aims to increase awareness of the brand, reputation, as well as the activation of a new business line linked to the online sales of design products related to the Cappelli Identity Design brand. The strategy, once the objectives were established, envisaged the study of the key messages to be transmitted, dividing them between messages relating to corporate values and messages of a commercial nature with specific call-for-sales. The main means used to promote the brand were social channels and online newspapers specialized in the art and design sector, such as Exibart, on which an ad hoc banner campaign was planned.


The results of the project are represented by a considerable increase in brand reputation and market positioning, which has led to both the acquisition of new customers and business partners.

Received Financial Support

Foreseen financial support is € 8.970