Email Marketing definition.

Email marketing is still the most used channel that companies exploits to update their contacts regarding news, promotions, events, etc. However, its use has changed a lot in recent years. From a broad communication for everybody, it turned to a direct one-to-one channel.

Using email marketing automation to send custom emails – based on user interaction with a specific content – is one of the winning strategies that we use in Cappelli Identity Design for business growth of our customers.

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Email marketing guarantees for each user the right content at the right time. So, customer trust rises significantly as well as reputation and business.

How do we do Email Marketing?

We plan custom email marketing strategies using different platforms, according to client's needs and budget. Email marketing is one of the tools for a global digital strategy that we study for our customers. But it's pivotal. We always walk in user's shoes: those who actually receive and use brand messages. And we love to amaze.

We continuously verify every action in order to keep control of data, outcomes, goals, and ROI. We always start from a prior analysis of the reference market and competition. Then, we achieve our audience, making a way through the inbox.

We project newsletters, devise an editorial strategy based on audience interests, set up a staff focused on that sector. The operational plan is scheduled with a set frequency, and custom contents. Last, keeping an open and flexible strategy, based on statistics, feelings, feedbacks, etc is the best way to enhance performances and follow the market.

Email Marketing and Ecommerce.

If you have an ecommerce business, we always make sure that email marketing is an empowering tool. We believe a human and direct approach in a communication plan is the most effective way to achieve clients: doing so means studying a strategy based on user-product interactions, as well as global/local market trends. Email marketing automations like this lead to increased conversions, and make happy clients. Making happy clients makes us happy too.

Email Marketing and GDPR.

Privacy protection is one of our prerogatives. All campaigns we run comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adopted in April 2016. When we run a Digital Marketing project, we raise customer awareness on that subject, taking care to implement the information coming from the customer on channels that require it – such as websites, landing pages, and email marketing activities too.