Funnel Building definition.

Funnel Building is a digital marketing service meant and structured in many different ways. Among others, we find statements about Funnel such as purchasing funnel, customer journey funnel or conversion funnel, and so on. Nevertheless, all these definitions share the same concept: the physical features of an actual “funnel”.

In fact, when we talk about Funnel we firstly mean a funnel-shape thing. Then, something which has a wide opening at the entrance and gradually narrows toward the exit. In marketing, this concept is a good representation of the strategies aimed to reach large audience and, over the pathway, bring to goal only some users. This “user journey” implies a shift from a condition to another, in this case from a general-user to a customer-user.

Hartè Arredare come sei

So, we say that a Funnel is a strategy aimed to turn a user in a customer, drive him from an imaginary unknown status to a tie-to-brand customer, and become a real “brand evangelist”.

Why we're in need of Funnel strategies?

In this age, when we talk about brands you've to keep in mind the complexity of market scenario, the distance cutting thanks to the World Wide Web as well as the extremely immediateness of informations. We often find ourselves dealing with users who do not know our brand, our products and services, and even less the people behind it.

Here, the first impression is everything. We're aimed to turn each single contact to a memorable moment, pleasant, and trustful.
But users are not so naive and do not usually get hands on their wallets just because of an impression. Therefore, we've to drive them along a pathway (i.e. the Funnel) slowly turns us in a referring point. We've to set a relationship, a confidential plan, selling our products and services at our best, and relying on their word-of-mouth to collect new customers.

In this way, our reputation increases as "trusted brand" over time and space, making up an excellence twirl that enhances customer base, sales, brand value, and business perspectives.

How does a Funnel Building works?

Funnel Building approach is absolutely scientific. Each user is driven through the different steps of the purchase journey toward the referral and "evangelization" step. Over time, different Funnel models have become more and more effective – some very productive for specific needs.

In Cappelli Identity Design, we frequently use AAARRR model (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue); AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action); and ACCA model (Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action).

On launching a campaign, we begin the building of a pathway aimed not only to customer's desire (the service or product) but also to bond user and brand so that user can be turn into a follower, customer, and brand-referral.
So, we act on every single step of the Funnel, building all required elements, always looking at the specific step of the journey from different point of view.