Influencer Marketing definition.

Influencer marketing has always existed: it’s just what we know as word-of-mouth. When we need to rely on someone for a product or service suggestion, we’d probably talk with some kind of “influencer” like a friend, a familiar, a skilled person, etc. The difference is that, today, it became an actual profession and, to grow as influencer, you can attend courses and workshops. But essence though remains.

Ideally, influencers are people skilled in a particular sector. People who dedicates to reviewing products or services, sharing their opinion on Youtube or Instagram, and who have been decreed like reference point in that particular sector thanks to their popularity. It’s a revolution in marketing world that grow from below and apparently gives everyone the opportunity to become a real star.

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Influencers are nothing more than people who move other people to a decision. Purchases, Likes, Followers… influencers generate people actions towards a brand.

How to implement an Influencer Marketing strategy?

Today, a consumer products brand necessarily has reference influencers. Often first (micro)influencers are users themselves who generate word-of-mouth on and offline. But nothing is casual. At the base there is always a market strategy, and many times brands can directly hire some (most-popular) influencers to promote hero-products.

We can state two types of influencers: those who already have a wide number of followers (most-popular influencers) – they move masses and require a huge investment of resources – and the smaller ones (small or micro-influencers) who can be found and hired in different ways, also not so much expensives. The best known is the Referral Marketing.

How Referral Marketing works?

When a user buys a particular product or service – or if he received it as sample from a company – there's the possibility that user makes a spontaneous review by textual or video format to convince others in purchasing that product. Often, this process is exactly planned by brands: with the review, selected user shares a referred link or a promotional code dedicated to his followers/fanbase, so whoever buys that product with the link/code receives a discount while who has performed the review providing the link/code receives a set percentage of money or other benefits.

How we find the right influencers for your sector?

We find the right influencers for you and your sector – as well as studying the best strategy for your target market – by a preliminary market and sector analysis. Usually we select the better reference channels in respect to the brand features, then we design a tailor-made strategy with the best content planning. Often everything starts with identifying the most effective influencer, and later with the small or related ones.