SEM – Search Engine Marketing definition.

With the acronym SEM (Search Engine Marketing) we mean a digital integrated strategy aimed to position a website in the first page of a search engine. In particular, it concerns paid positioning and organic positioning in SERP which takes place by implementing techniques based on keywords analysis and, above all, with respect to the search volume and competition.

The “keyword search volume” is based on how many people search for that particular keyword in the search engine. The “keyword competition” is based on how many people pay the advertising platform to position themselves on the search results page with that keyword. Then, the cost of a keyword depends on several factors, and takes place in the form of auction.

Emirates Dubai – Digital Corporate Identity - Laptop View
Emirates Dubai – Digital Corporate Laptop View

Activating a SEM strategy means implementing actions that bring results in terms of short as well as long term brand visibility. That is, organic and paid SEO+SEM strategies.

How does SEM works?

First, we choose a daily budget and a maximum expense value: the advertising platform raises costs until the ceiling and the budget set up for the campaign. Straightforwardly, advertising notices on the SERP will be shown by priority based on who paid the most.

Overall, activating a strategy that includes organic positioning along with paid one (SEO + SEM) is the best choice in 99% of cases. Nevertheless, in some cases where we need an immediate result, the strategy is usually focused only on paid visibility.

How do we design a SEM strategy?

We always start from the customer brief, getting a number of keywords that we can put in different analytical and programming tools. Routinely, we never use a single tool but we compare several ones in order to get a wider vision.

Then, we get analysis of the search volumes for those keywords, just after checking how much competition there is – i.e., how many players compete to position themselves with that specific keyword in the paid results SERP. We perform the auction cost analysis and preferable CPC to enhance the performance of the campaigns. Finally, we fit everything based on the campaign strategy: Search or Display Campaign.

At the same time, we work with our graphic design team, sharing the brief, engaging them in the project, and planning times and deadlines. The outcome is a fully optimized campaign.