Strategy definition.

The word Strategy comes from the “art of war”. The strategos is the commander, and the one who drives the conduct during military operations, with the main objective of achieving victory. Here, the word Strategy defines the set of actions that allow to achieve great goals. We design and implement strategies to win. Always.

Usually, the strategic plan includes preliminary actions such as project setting, a general customer profile analysis, a deep goal analysis as well as performance required, a channel mapping, an investigative session on last marketing trends, and so on. Then, it need to put down a first rough planning and project criteria aimed to goals which have to be discussed with the customer. Last, the structuring of the strategy with actions planning, timing, functions in play, etc.

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Strategy is our main key. It’s at the base of all our works and coming out always and only after a first phase of analysis and involvement with our customers. Strategy is always an organic process which starts and terminates into the customer vision.

Some strategic services:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Communication Plan
  • Copy Strategy
  • Growth Hacking

How does we do it?

We constantly check the bundle of activities we put in place so that we can turn the course in case things are not going as we had assumed. It can happen. In fact, fitting strategies to enhance performance is a core commitment and a key-factor in our daily work. At the base, we hit a continuous monitoring to check context and growth trends so we can fine tune the best pathway to goals. Changing the strategy means that our initial inferences have not actually occurred, in whole or in part, and therefore it is necessary to make a decision and change. Change is not synonymous with defeat but with cunning.