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5-colour silkscreen art prints, handmade, unique pieces, numbered and signed by the artist.
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5-colour hand-printed limited edition artistic silkscreen poster, created by Missiontoart in Sericraft, Turin (Italy) in 2011.

Fabio Zanino‘s silkscreen is based on the abstract sculptures Deconstructions: an artistic project  in which words and forms leave the original message to take on evolving aesthetic identity. Thus prohibition signs, warning signs and luminous signs are broken up into minimal units to be recomposed into sculptures works according the objet trouvé – deconstruction – assemblage scheme. The work of subtraction reaches its essentiality in the use of the cut which, as a single gestural intervention, gives the work a new identity, a different alchemical order.

Year: 2011
Copies: 60
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Paper: Fedrigoni
Colours: 5

Proceeds are donated to Cappelli Identity Design Contamination Project to finance scholarships for young designers.