Dynamic brand.
Our vision of design
is linked to people.

It takes into account time, space, and cultural and social evolution. It is based on identity, which can only exist with diversity. And it is enriched by our knowledge of the other.
So, we design through the Dynamic brand methodology.

Designing through the Dynamic brand methodology means bringing people back to the center of corporate communication, developing fluid and coherent communication throughout all media, on all platforms. Bringing people together, inspiring authentic relationships with a brand is the design goal of this creative process, which is based on constant and consistent communication of corporate values. A method taught all over the world and representative of Cappelli Identity Design studio in Italy.

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It is a methodology that allows us to create simple and innovative projects, artfully capable of producing high social, aesthetic and functional impact. Identity is dynamic by nature. And it can only evolve.

With the Dynamic brand, the architecture of communication is transformed into a concrete, recognizable and knowable reality. It is a circular framework, with a visual identity system at its center that is perfectly wedded to the corporate values it professes.

Finally. Integrated communication. Economic investments optimized. Designing for people.

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Product design

Values and people make Cappelli Identity Design studio a place of continuous exchanges and contamination, but what distinguishes it from the others is its method. Dynamic brand is a new way of design, it comes from the relationship between space and time and it aims to build up a dialogue with people by communicating the brand’s identity and its changing nature.

In 2022 all of this
became a book
published by Skira.