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Our approach is an endless journey. We explore, in balance with traditions. Crossing signs we make interactive identity systems.
So, we design.
Our values


Every human action is a mark on the environment. Cappelli Identity Design supports an ecological approach towards the physical, social, and emotional environment. A daily commitment engaged to honor a right and democratic system.


Cappelli Identity Design is populated with different people, identities, and cultures that together design a liquid corpus, fluid yet disciplined one, always open to contamination, and an integrated development.


Cappelli Identity Design promotes design and its project-oriented, technical and cultural development through the research, which is aimed to support experimental, innovative and inclusive activities.
il nostro team
emanuele cappelli
Emanuele Cappelli
CEO & Creative Director
Arianna Cappelli
Head of Strategy & Account Director
Amin Abu Islaih
Social Media Specialist
Diego Fabi
Digital Strategist
Andrea Fiori
Art Director
Emiliano Gatti
Executive Director
Massimiliano Napoli
Communication Project Manager
Simona Gentile
Social Media Manager
Alessandra Giacomelli
Lorenzo Iervolino
Copywriter & Content Manager
Giovanni Dal Ben
Lettering Artist
Giulia Martino
Motion Graphic Designer
Gabriele Colantuoni
Social Media Specialist
Giulia Taglienti
Press Officer and Content Editor

Random Curiosities

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The first career attempted by our CEO Emanuele was professional footballer.
When our CEO Emanuele was a child loved to draw horses.
Arianna dreamed of traveling to Nepal alone – at the age of nine!
Arianna has almost completed the placement of little Miriam in the kindergarten. Next step? Sleep, at least one night.
On Sunday, Emiliano leaves the computer and turns on the oven, preparing excellent cakes with his daughter Ginevra.
Andrea has a sort of Ommatophobia: he cannot see anyone who touches eyes without feeling bad. But he continuously draws them.
Andrea hated Graphic Design during University. He passes Graphics exams only at the end of the path. Now? He's our Art Director.
Max makes his best things holding an ESP guitar on his hands.
Max obtained a PHD in Philosophical and Social Sciences, and loves astrobiology.
Diego lived in Tokyo, and - though he isn't a drinker - he had a part-time job as sommelier.
In Cappelli Identity Design, all green thumb jobs are fulfilled - by vocation and ability - by Diego: the Green Boy.
Giulia M. is 182 cm tall, and she plays as Central in a volleyball team.
Giulia M. loves working with music. She has a very trained ear as she's a progressive-rock drummer.
There are pics in which Simona is walking on the water. Already seen? Yeah, may be!
In the daylight Simona always seems so serious. But in the evening she enjoys imitating animals, people, and dialects in a comic theater group.
Instead of spending money on calligraphy nibs, Giovanni creates them with a wooden stick and a piece of jar.
Giovanni is still looking for a balance... but meantime he proves very stable in walking on the ropes (do you know slackline?)
Giulia T. has an obsession with the zodiac signs. But only believes in horoscope whether she can achieve her goals.
Our Giulia T. believes that the best zodiac sign is Capricorn, and that 2020 will be going very well.
Alessandra hates exclamation marks, ellipsis, wrongly accented "e", and randomly commas.
Alessandra is Pisces ascendant Pisces, and she believes the most beautiful zodiac sign is that.

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