Fellas22 is a documentary born from the collaboration between Cappelli Identity Design and film historian, author and documentary maker Raffaele Simongini, summarizes Fellini’s sense of aesthetics, the constant search for meaning by the characters in his films.

The documentary is presented as a continuous series of scenes, with soft contours, drawn from the films directed by the Maestro that overall create a truly dreamlike effect, a tribute in line with the style of the visionary director par excellence. In the end, the words of Guido, the protagonist of 8 ½, have a very specific value. To those who asked him the meaning of the film, Fellini used to reply: “It’s about you, your job, what you do, your dreams, your relationships with women”. Guido’s message is a message for everyone, which highlights hope and freedom.

Life is a party.
Let’s live it together.

Audio-photo-video production
Motion graphic
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*This documentary has no profit-making purpose but mere cultural purposes aimed at promoting the figure of Master Federico Fellini.
Video Direction
Emanuele Cappelli, Raffaele Simongini
Art Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Research & Storytelling
Raffaele Simongini
Video Editing
Giulia Martino
Logo Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Raffaele Simongini