“The Divine Beauty” is the theme identifying RUFA Contest 2019. It is inspired to creative director Emanuele Cappelli’s literal and sensorial statement: “In front of you I cannot withstand. As I feel your soul, I loose my mind. What I see bashes what I feel, and your divine power is a thunder in my skin”.

“La Divina estetica” is a theme celebrating the form without disturbance or approximations. It seeks the absolute features of color, harmony, and dynamic balance. David LaChapelle is the President of RUFA Contest 2019. The American photographer and director, and great interpreter of contemporaneity meets and inspires RUFA students and the Roman audience on the occasion of the Contest.

Worlds. Ideas. Beauty.
It’s Planning and Feeling.

Sometimes we have to stay alone. Deeply thinking on ourselves, on the Other, on the whole world. Recognizing our sentiments.

Idea and Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Event Direction
Mauro Stancati
Art Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Social Media Strategy
A. Cappelli, D. Adamik
Press Office
Marta Ruggieri
Computer Animation
G. Martino, MBanga Studio
Web Development
Tommaso Biondo
Set Design
C. Castelli, A. Vergoz
Sound Design
Federico Landini
Claudia Rossi
C. Rolando, M. Ferro, E. Pecorella Cerri
Christian Angeli

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