Fondazione Adriano Olivetti was founded in 1962, two years after Adriano Olivetti’s departure, to celebrate one of the most relevant personalities of business management at an international level that was devoted to social inclusion and advancement of the human person.

The cultural institution protects the heritage of ideas and projects born from Adriano Olivetti’s enlightened vision, the symbol of the Italian industrial modern revolution. All these values became part of the research for a new corporate identity focused on involvement and openness towards others.

In a process of modernization shared with the client, the iconic Liberty Bell – distinctive mark of both Fondazione Adriano Olivetti and its publishing house Edizioni di Comunità – has been translated into a dynamic logo that keeps its movement, its oscillatory dynamism, but replaces the image of the bell with the lettering.

A Bell Toll.

Corporate Identity
Editorial Design
Logo Design
Website Development
Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Art Direction
Andrea Fiori
Web Strategy
Federica Lupinu
Video Motion
Giulia Martino
Web Design
Alessia Olivari
Christian Rizzo

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