Burkinabe Berlin-based architect Francis Kéré is Guest of Honor and Chair of the Committee for RUFA Contest 3rd edition. Renowned for his mindful approach to construction strategies, he meets RUFA students confronting themselves with the theme of the year: “Human Democracy. Think of the world you want”.

We think of an ideal World without social differences, where every dream can be achieved. In this event, the human presence is represented by two dancers who perform moving within two opposing worlds: the natural world of Mother Africa and the urban world made of walls and concrete that is typical of the West.

RUFA Contest, created by Emanuele Cappelli and promoted by RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, is designed to be a time for exchange and cultural contamination between Italian and international creative communities. Art, cinema and design merge into twenty-five selected projects, and dance and music performances to portray the theme of the year from different perspectives. The Guest of Honor, a world-class artist, gives the twenty-five selected students a master class during the day of the event, and subsequently picks the winner in occasion of the award ceremony, an engaging dialogue with a national and international audience.

I’m You.
The World.

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Concept & Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Event Direction
Mauro Stancati
Visual Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Social Media Strategy
Arianna Cappelli, Marta Marcias
Motion Graphic
MBanga Studio
Set Design
Stefania Conti, Alessandro Vergoz, Francesco Filosa
Sound Design
Federico Landini
Luca Paoloni
Cairoli, Cicero, de Nittis, Fiore, Ferro, Ludici, Mejia, Teoli
Video Direction
Alessia Capuccini, Gino D'Amico