We designed the new brand identity for Nobile Italia, a leading company in lighting solutions for over 60 years. We based the new international positioning on the concept that light is matter, an ethereal and intangible element, but at the same time substantial and essential. Light reveals form, defines it and enhances perceptions and emotions.

Following the Dynamic brand methodology, we designed a visual identity emphasises the company’s technical expertise through the mechanical modularity of its elements. The typography is variable and adapts to the width of the basic module, changing the form but not the substance. In this way, typography becomes visual, pattern and identity system.

is matter.

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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli
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Emanuele Cappelli, Stefano Baldassari, ​​Matilde Francia, Maria Jellyman, Gianmario Palombo
Digital Strategy
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