The “Premio Scuola Digitale” (Digital School Award) is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, which intends to promote the excellence and leadership of Italian schools in digital learning and teaching, encouraging the use of digital technologies in the curriculum and promoting the exchange of experiences in the digital teaching sector.

A project in which we were able to curate the format, direction and scenography of a post-pandemic reunion show, to involve students and teachers in a proactive action to raise awareness and guidance, to promote the transition to digital in the world of schools, families and society as a whole, enhancing the role and contribution of digital technologies.


Digital design
Exhibit design
Motion graphic
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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Show Direction
Mauro Stancati
Visual Design & Motion Graphic
Emanuele Cappelli, Giulia Martino, Valeria Michetti
Exhibit Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Light Design
Mauro Stancati, Cinecittà Studios
Service & Location
Cinecittà Studios