The concept of the RUFA 2021 Digital Open Day is that of overcoming the barriers of space and designing new scenarios for the future through digital. This very concept was created by RUFA in collaboration with Cappelli Identity Design.

Teachers, RUFA students, together with the new generations of artists and graphic designers who are approaching the Academy for the first time, are the protagonists of this edition. The set design, full of projections, lights and colours, gives the new students the chance to imagine their own study programme in RUFA, namely their own personal RUFA Experience.

Beyond space and time.
Experiencing Art.

Audio-photo-video production
Digital design
Exhibit design
Motion graphic
+ More
Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli
Visual Design
Emanuele Cappelli, Andrea Fiori, Jeyanthan Jeyaseelan
Video Direction
Mauro Stancati
Motion Graphics
Giulia Martino