On 22 September, we attended the Colloqui di Martina Franca 2023 (Apulia, Italy) with “ConFusioni”, an event organised by the Consortium Costellazione Apulia.

Among the speakers, Emanuele Cappelli has introduced us to the art of communication in the creation of brand identity. It will be an opportunity to talk about communication, future, identity and diversity, in different areas.

Emanuele Cappelli at Confusioni Colloqui di Martina Franca

“Colloqui di Martina Franca” responds to the need to create a space for the exchange of ideas and sharing in the field of culture and innovation.

The promoter of the project, Costellazione Apulia, was established in December 2001 by a few young entrepreneurs from Apulia. To date, it brings together around 50 companies committed to animating a cultural debate on the issues of economic and social development, respectful of people and the environment.

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