Appointment with Innovation Snack scheduled for June 6, 2024 inside the digital and tech training hub Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan to tell about the design methodology called Dynamic brand.

Emanuele Cappelli, Designer and Founder of Cappelli Identity Design, will present the book Dynamic brand. The new methodology of brand communication in which he recounts the birth and evolution of the method applied to the studio’s projects. Dynamic brand represents a new approach to communication that renews the concept of Brand Identity and elevates it to new social and cultural paradigms. Transformation and diversity are the key words to narrate this adventure made of method, experimentation, but above all people. Because transformation and diversity are the basis of human evolution and design changes along with it.

We tell about ourselves with the aim of spreading an approach to design that is increasingly inclusive and contemporary. We want to share innovative ideas and create meaningful connections, both humanly and professionally. We intend to contribute to positive change in the way design is conceived and practiced, fostering inspiring collaborations and opening new horizons in social relationships.

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