World Industrial Design Day 2022 marks the 65th anniversary of World Design Organization. This year, while reflecting on more than six decades of championing design for a better world, WDO is celebrating the theme of leadership and the many ways in which designers are leading the charge towards a better future. 

On 29 June, WDO hosted a 24-hour livestreamed event, let’s talk: leadership. Highlighting diverse leadership perspectives and insights, this virtual event feature conversations with top design leaders and thinkers to discuss how they are leveraging their skills to mobilize change and drive impact in their communities and around the world.

In this frame Emanuele Cappelli, designer and founder of Cappelli Identity Design, brought the Dynamic brand methodology with Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti with the talk Olivetti, the gentle revolution of human-centred design: attention to design, alongside products of optimal quality, has been one of Olivetti’s distinguishing traits. Today, this commitment to excellence in every field is called Olivetti Style, a recognizable and positive approach to leadership and community empowerment.

A unique occasion to exchange the vision of culture and design for people, embodied by our methodology of Dynamic brand, and revive the enlightened leadership of Adriano Olivetti with the design community worldwide with:

Gaetano di Tondo, Communication & External Relations Director, Olivetti

Stefano Zordan, Co-Founder, OLI – Adriano Olivetti Leadership Institute

Pier Paolo Peruccio, Full Professor, Department of Architecture and Design

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