A new appointment to explore the world of visual identities, born from the stages and research of a new communicative methodology, such as Dynamic brand, and the measures to put in place to protect and promote the concept of identity in an event organized by CDV&M CN – Club Dirigenti Vendita & Marketing della Provincia di Cuneo and Cappelli Identity Design.

At the Open Baladin Cuneo, sponsored and organized by CDV&M CN, a multi-voice meeting between Cappelli Identity Design and Bipart Law Firm to investigate with a curious and attentive gaze the issue of dynamic trademark protection between technology and new possibilities. Among them, NFTs to support the protection of every dynamic aspect of recognizability and uniqueness of a brand.

17:30 – Introduction

Alessandro Benvegnù – Cassation Lawyer, CDV&M CN Secretary.

Fabio Zanino – Head of Communications & External Relations in Cappelli Identity Design.

18:00 – Speech

Emanuele Cappelli – Designer & Founder of Cappelli Identity Design

Gilberto Cavagna di Gualdana – Founder in Bipart Law, Lawyer specializing in intellectual property law.

19:00 – Dynamic brand case studies and Q&A

20:00 – Refreshments

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