A discussion of visual identities and dynamic brands protection and the possibilities offered by NFTs. An exploration of contemporary visual identities born from the search for a new communicative methodology to restore the value of the present in the brand dialogue and the centrality of the concept of identity.

A meeting with the OGR Tech Community to address, through a look at dynamic identity systems designed by Cappelli Identity Design, the issue of dynamic brands protection through dialogue with Bipart Law Firm.

An area in which to explore the possibilities offered by NFTs, opening new avenues for the protection of every dynamic aspect of brand recognition and uniqueness.


Emanuele Cappelli – Founder & Creative Director in Cappelli Identity Design | Professor in Brand & Graphic Design | TEDx Speaker | Author of the book Dynamic brand.

Gilberto Cavagna di Gualdana – Founder in Bipart Law Firm, Lawyer specializing in intellectual property law.

Fabio Zanino – Head of Communications & External Relations in Cappelli Identity Design.

We look forward to seeing you on February 16, 2023 from 09:00 to 10:00 am for the Community Breakfast in Turin at OGR Tech, OGR Turin in Corso Castelfidardo, 22. Free admission subject to availability.

Informations and tickets here

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