Cappelli Identity Design returns Thursday, June 16, 2022, at the [e]Design Festival of Treviso al Museo Santa Caterina – Sala Coletti with the Dynamic brand

How do you build an ecosystem of signs and symbols capable of representing a brand while remaining consistent over time?

From these questions comes the desire to investigate the infinite ways of communicating a brand in the digital age. This is how the obsession for beauty was born, the obsession for restoring the brand’s core values while respecting aesthetics and content at the same time.

eDesign Festival - Cappelli Identity Design

The Dynamic Brand. The new methodology of brand communication is the book that collects the methodology of Cappelli Identity Design as an evolution of the concept of Brand Identity, developed through all the strategic communication languages. A method taught in Universities and Academies of Fine Arts around the world, which offers an answer to the new communicative needs of the time we live in.

It is designed to create authentic relationships between the brand and people, across space and time, in a dialogue between identities in which beauty is given by the thousand shades between black and white.

Emanuele Cappelli, Designer and Author of the book and Fabio Zanino, Head of Communication & External Relations, in the frame of the exhibition Cleto Munari. L’ossessione della Bellezza told us about this adventure.

Photo: Pamela Zamberlan

The collaboration between [e]Design Festival and Cappelli Identity Design continues in sharing values and objectives. The meeting with Emanuele Cappelli and Fabio Zanino confirmed the common intent to put people at the center of shared actions. Identity is Diversity.

Luciano Setten, Creator and Artistic Director of the [e]Design Festival of Treviso

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