Brand Identity definition.

Brand Identity is a discipline that involves different techniques and knowledge allowing you to establish a steady and coherent dialogue between brand and target.

The relationship between a company and its target occurs both consciously and unconsciously. Consumers choose one brand over another in relation to their imaginative maps as well as the values, positioning and affirmations that the brand represents.

Masauda Brand Identity

The study of Brand Identity involves Strategy, Contents, Marketing, and Design. A new brand is born when every aspect of communication are covered. Always, a brand takes life when every part of it is recognized, understood, and narrate as a whole.

Main fields of intervention concern:

  • The genesis of a Brand.
  • The restyling of the Brand Identity.
  • The strengthening of Identity through its declination on various communication media.

How does it works?

Designing a Brand Identity means designing a tailor-made dress based on customer's unique, specific, and irreproducible dimensions.
It means understanding and establishing which clothes a brand can wear based on its operating circumstances.
The dress has to match with the personal identity of the "wearer". It has to embody all the features that make a person unique at all. Brand Identity is the means by which one's personality is enunciated and shouted to the world.

We design every Brand Identity through a fine listening technique: for each individual customer, we work on every aspect of the identity, starting with a smile and a handshake. Our operating criteria are simple: cleanliness, thoroughness, research, integration, attention to detail, knowledge of rules.

That's because you have to know the rules before breaking them, looking for impact, originality, and courage.