A methodology combined with the story of a designer, the philosophy of a studio and the testimonies and stories of its team take shape in our book Dynamic brand. The new methodology of brand communication. A journey through stories of life, design, space and time, published by Skira in 2022 with a foreword by Steven Heller and an introduction by Betti Marenko and distributed worldwide. Dynamic brand is a journey through four scenarios: history, method, people and projects, to talk about identity, life, evolution and humanity.

A text that becomes a popular tool of a design that aims to design the world through the construction of authentic relationships between brand and people. For the editorial design, we wanted to express the unlimited potential of the methodology.
Thus each element was conceived with a specific function, such as the two words paginated live on the side borders of each page: ‘diversity’ (placed on the right) and ‘identity’ (placed on the left). This allowed us from the outset to convey a very clear and important message: identity only exists because of diversity, identity is diversity.

The book stimulates an experience of enjoyment that encourages, both through its content and its aesthetics, reflection on the function that design plays in society. The layout of the texts, on a two-column grid, is characterised by an editorial design modulated on an ease of reading that increases and decreases according to the content. Colour differentiates the text in Italian from that in English.

The book has been added to the World Design Organization recommended readings.

Pages: 256
Dimension: 16,5 x 24 cm
Paper: printed in color and laminated Magno Volume 150 g/m2
Edition: printed and bound in Italy by Skira Editore, Milan. First edition, January 2022, Italian/English
Type: Akkurat Pro by Lineto, Libertinus Serif by Libertinus Fonts, OT L22 Bold by Cappelli Identity Design (E. Cappelli, A. Pace, L. Properzi, F. Zanino)

Our vision of Design.
Linked to People.

Audio-photo-video production
Editorial design
Visual design
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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli
Communication & External Relations
Fabio Zanino
Editorial Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Editorial Collaboration
Lorenzo Iervolino, Maria R. Tedesco, Giulia Vallone
Editorial Coordination
Vincenza Russo
Francesca Pagliano, Domenico Pertocoli
Shannon Marie Clay, Giulia Incelli
Cover Photo
Cinzia Capparelli
Skira Editore