Printed and bound in Italy by Skira Editore, Milano. First edition, January 2022. 

Cover Photo – Cinzia Capparelli
Editorial Design – Cappelli Identity Design
Editorial Collaboration– Lorenzo Iervolino, Maria R. Tedesco, Giulia Vallone
Editorial Coordination – Vincenza Russo
Editing – Domenico Pertocoli, Francesca Pagliano
Translations – Giulia Incelli, Shannon Marie Clay
Iconographical Research – Cappelli Identity Design
Typeface – Akkurat Pro by Lineto, Libertinus Serif by Libertinus Fonts, OT L22 Bold by Cappelli Identity Design (E. Cappelli, A. Pace, L. Properzi, F. Zanino)

The new methodology of brand communication.
A journey through stories of life, design, space and time.

(Copy signed by Emanuele Cappelli with pin & sketchbook).

Why does a book that presents a methodology also have within it the story of a designer, the philosophy of a studio and the experiences and stories of its team?

We have more than just one answer. When talking about identity, we also speak of life, evolution and people. Because the Dynamic brand method didn’t just come from analysing today’s market or as a way to restore the value of contemporaneity, but also from experience, from a point of view in which values affect strategic design as well as life.
This is why the Dynamic brand and Cappelli Identity Design are two intertwining stories, feeding off each other. Also, all its exciting stages, together with the striking encounters with inspiring people and professionals are other reasons why we would like to share our journey with you.

Preface by Steven Heller and introduction by Betti Marenko.

Pages: 256
Size: 16,5 x 24 cm
Paper: Paperback with flaps, printed in colour and plastic–coated Magno Volume 150 g/m2
Edition: 2022, Italian / English

Size: 18 x 25 cm
Pages: 50
Cover color: black

Dimensions: Ø 5 cm
Color: black