Collection of photographs by photographer Elisabetta Catalano, displayed at Teatro 1 in Cinecittà, Rome, for the photographic exhibition: “Ri-tratto Rosso, Elisabetta Catalano looks at Federico Fellini”.

Pages: 140
Dimensions: 16,4 x 24 cm
Cover: with strips
Edition: 2021, italian


Catalogue curated by: Elisabetta Catalano Archives
: Aldo Enrico Ponis
Concept and graphic design: Emanuele Cappelli, Aldo Enrico Ponis
Editorial supervision: Manfredi Nicolò Maretti
Project assistance: Piero Cremonese, Magda Roveri
Texts edited by: Emanuele Cappelli, Laura Cherubini, Camilla Cormanni, Giancarlo Di Gregorio, Aldo Enrico Ponis, Raffaele Simongini
Photos: Cinzia Capparelli, Piero Cremonese
Translations: Jessica Edwards

Printed and bound in Italy by Manfredi Edizioni, Imola. First Edition, 2021.