Born in 2006, Anobii is the independent readers’ social network with more than one million users worldwide.

For the platform dedicated to the books and comics’ universe, we created a digital campaign inspired by the concept of discovery, understood as the possibility of acquiring knowledge, but also to rediscover the taste for reading and sharing, to be part of a community and identifying with it.

We chose to use a communicative code in which the Anobii community can easily recognize itself. We talk about Anobii, to those who love books, through books. And we choose to do so through a words-only campaign in which content is prince and design serves it.

Speak as you read,
discover Anobii.

Digital design
Digital marketing
Motion graphic
Social media marketing
UX & UI design
Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Art Direction & Digital Design
Andrea Fiori
Motion Graphics
Simone Pareti
Marianna Abbate
Arianna Cappelli, Massimiliano Napoli
Community Management
Anna Caruso
Digital Marketing
Gabriele Colantuoni
Project Management
Lara Fanelli
Communication & External Relations
Fabio Zanino

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