Born in 2006, Anobii is the independent readers’ social network with more than one million users worldwide.

For the platform dedicated to the books and comics’ universe, we created a digital campaign inspired by the concept of discovery, understood as the possibility of acquiring knowledge, but also to rediscover the taste for reading and sharing, to be part of a community and identifying with it.

We chose to use a communicative code in which the Anobii community can easily recognize itself. We talk about Anobii, to those who love books, through books. And we choose to do so through a words-only campaign in which content is prince and design serves it.

Speak as you read,
discover Anobii.

Digital design
Digital marketing
Motion graphic
Social media marketing
UX & UI design
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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Andrea Fiori
Motion Graphics
Simone Pareti
Marianna Abbate
Arianna Cappelli, Massimiliano Napoli
Community Management
Anna Caruso
Digital Marketing
Gabriele Colantuoni
Project Management
Lara Fanelli
External Relations
Fabio Zanino