For Anqing City Museum, we created a new brand identity that encapsulates the history and culture of the ancient city of Anqing (安庆), founded in 1217 and several times the capital of China’s Taiping Anhui province.

The concept we started from is to represent the interconnection between the intrinsic beauty of traditions and the harmony that permeates the cultural roots of this ancient civilization. The visual language aims to interpret the richness of the past. Red is the dominant color because it represents good fortune in Chinese culture. Art is respected as a medium that conveys traditions and testimonies. The circular shape of the logo accommodates the original ideograms, and the development of the brand identity is an overlay of typographic languages and ancient illustrations.

Between past and future.

Brand identity
Digital design
Visual design
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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli
Emanuele Cappelli, Andrea Fiori, Emiliano Gatti
Paolo Rossi, Antonello Stella