Cinema is like a journey. Through the use of colours and images, lights and sounds, the Italian Pavilion is a pathway designed to host emotions, memories, dreams and hopes for a new ending. Cappelli Identity Design is dedicating this edition to Italy: a country ready to rise again.

What better way to convey this message than regional dialects. Turned into a dialect, different expressions have different interpretations, which not only make people unique but also narrow the distance between them. Behind the concept of the Italian Pavilion at the 74th edition, there are the keywords of resurrection and exploration. Likewise, its logo is a tribute to rebirth and, at the same time, an homage to the city of Cannes, which has hosted the best of cinema from all over the world for the past 74 years. Indeed, the warm colours of the lettering background evoke the suggestive Cannes sunsets which move and connect people.

Its logo honours the rebirth of the world of entertainment, which has been painfully forced to a halt and to give up staging life for over a year. Just as the second Italian Renaissance was characterised by Neorealism, so the 2021 Italian Pavilion brings together those recent memories that unite us and which merge into cinema, this time seen as exploration.

Exploration as opposed to mere travel.

Recognizing ourselves.

Art Direction
Communication Plan
Copy Strategy
Editorial Design
Exhibit Design
Logo Design
Motion Graphic
Sound Design
Cannes Film Festival 2021
Creative Director
Emanuele Cappelli

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