Umberto Cesari and the taste of the Romagna wine tradition – an experience spanning sixty harvests. The Umberto Cesari company has always based its work on research for quality, respect for territory, and openness to innovation.

Based on these fundamental values, Cappelli Identity Design redesigns the entire visual identity as well as a new positioning of the company on the market, creating a coherent system, suitable for online and offline communication by applying the Dynamic brand methodology. New identity tells the important turn towards the new. Through a contemporary and strong lettering, the logo conveys the continuity between tradition and innovation, in a contemporary classicism. The new logo consists of U and C monogram together with the Umberto Cesari logotype. The corporate color palette is brown and beige, aimed to immediately recognize the company’s proximity to the soil. Website restyling has provided for more areas dedicated to images and multimedia content of greater impact, focusing the communication on the two Umberto Cesari souls. The Experience section as well as the Product one are focused on the keywords that link the brand values: heritage, innovation, and sustainability.

UX and UI are based on the concept of simplicity and elegance, planning the organization of content to be declined on all devices. The detailed and visual presentation of the entire market line of Umberto Cesari wines is collected and cataloged in the new e-commerce area of the site, redesign, and put online by the digital marketing department of the Cappelli Identity Design studio.


The new visual system, designed by Cappelli Identity Design, is a look towards the future. It starts from the development of Emilia Romagna’s land, its vines and represents the way in which Umberto Cesari interprets the world of wine.

Gianmaria Cesari

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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli, Massimiliano Napoli
Emanuele Cappelli
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