We curated the genesis of a dynamic Brand Identity for DAMA Book & Store. DAMA is a multifunctional space: a thorough selection of titles and an insightful interior design where refined design articles are displayed to offer the visitor a unique experience.

It is a place to live while flipping through books and sharing your passion for design. DAMA is much more than a bookshop: it’s an experience to live, a way of life to take away with you.

A Lifelong Experience. Multiply.

Communication Plan
Copy Strategy
Logo Design
DAMA Bookstore – Logo

«Every experience brings forth ideas, visions, relationships. Culture is never a quite space. It develops over all fields, times, and dimensions. I think it's impossible to explain the deep meanings at the core of a project like this. We created a complex identity system in which colors, words, and textures are mixed up with the concept and space. The outcome is effective and embracing».

Emanuele Cappelli, CEO & Creative Director

DAMA Bookstore – Funny Logo
DAMA Bookstore – Store
DAMA Bookstore – Kit
DAMA Bookstore – Inside

«The store has been organized thinking on people life and behavior, always. Nothing is casual, here. When a brand system works in this way everything get value: books, ambiances, people, every day becomes special».

Emanuele Cappelli, CEO & Creative Director

Creative Director
Emanuele Cappelli
Art Director
Francesco Di Muro
Marketing Strategy
Arianna Cappelli
Digital Strategy
Sara Prontera
Retail Design
Emiliano Gatti

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