Let’s celebrate who created, by creating. Felliniana is the first font created taking inspiration from Master Federico Fellini’s handwriting.

On the occasion of the design and installation of the Italian Pavilion for the 77th Venice International Film Festival, dedicated to the life and works of Maestro Fellini, Cappelli Identity Design created a font – from which the studio also designed the logo of the event – by identifying and interpreting the emotional and semantic value of his handwriting.

The Felliniana font is made up of letters that represent a flowing handwriting, sometimes soft, with continuous accents and which shows a rather evident upward tension. The spirit of the great Master is also enclosed in the eyelets of some letters (such as “a”, “d” and “o”) which never close. The rhythm of the font is wide but suitable for writing a current text as well as a title, giving a strong character to the document. The Type Design work carried out for the first time by Cappelli Identity Design studio was also possible thanks to the collaboration with Type&Graphic Designer Antonio Pace.

A handwriting
becomes a dream.
Felliniana is a party!

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The special occasion to get in touch with Fellini’s original handwriting came when Simonetta Tavanti, Giulietta Masina’s niece, opened a trunk full of memories for Emanuele Cappelli, who was able to read the original correspondence between Fellini and Masina, perceiving the tones and intentions hidden in the Master’s authentic handwriting, grasping its meaning and finally reproducing it in an exclusive script, with a high emotional and communicative value.

The font was used to draw up texts taken from Fellini’s quotes and thoughts, which stand out on the panels of the Italian Pavilion at the 77th Venice International Film Festival. Upon entering the physical space, characterized by vertical lights and colors, visitors get lost and cross the boundary through writing, as if they were travelling within the psyche and the dreamlike presence of the Master.

Creative Director
Emanuele Cappelli
Type Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Execution Type Design
Antonio Pace, Lorenzo Properzi
Font Mastering