Flying Colors: here the beautiful students of RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts. They are depicted in whole expanses of pure colors, fireworks, explosions of joy and enthusiasm. Each of us is a color, a shade, a light gradient that brings wealth and difference: through dynamic impulses of openness and connection, RUFA tells its story by projecting the talent of the children towards the future, towards a tomorrow of great professional opportunities.

Flying Colors means igniting passions that animate us and become part of an academic community that is alive, flexible, full of stimuli and cultural contaminations. RUFA Open Day 2020 campaign, with irresistible colors tells a story of courage, freshness and chances.

A Life Design.

Audio-photo-video production
Digital design
Motion graphic
Social media marketing
Visual design
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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Marketing Strategy
Arianna Cappelli
Visual Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Alessandra Giacomelli
Stefano Compagnucci
Christian Rizzo
Motion Graphic
Studio Mbanga