The #disleggo 2018 campaign designed for Fondazione TIM consists of copy and visual elements in motion and continuous transformation, suitable for the idea of inclusion based on diversity.

The visual elements feature games of shifts and joints that represents the experience of reading difficulties of dyslexia. Instead, the copy create different messages for each relevant macro target: be kind, be thoughtful, be quick, be ready, be involved.

Sense and Sensibility.
No More Rules.

Art Direction
Copy Strategy
Editorial Design
Logo Design
Motion Graphic
Fondazione TIM_
Fondazione TIM_
Fondazione TIM_
Fondazione TIM_
Fondazione TIM_
Creative Director
Emanuele Cappelli
Communication Strategy
Arianna Cappelli
Art Director
Andrea Fiori
Visual Design
Giulia Martino
Motion Graphics
Giulia Martino

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