Kyriba is the leading global platform to visualise, protect, transfer and grow corporate cash. We designed a format and a new brand identity for the Kyriba Club, a space where the brightest professionals gather to experience something completely different from everyday life. A safe space filled with the human depths that characterise it, where time is suspended and minds are allowed to float on a path of growth, confrontation and evolution.


The project follows the Dynamic brand methodology and is articulated around the concept of evolutions. The ensemble and union of the individuals involved in the Kyriba Club contributes to the creation of value. How? By working for their individual and professional growth through activities aimed to stimulate the soul.

The circle, a democratic geometric element par excellence, represents “being in suspended time”. The composition of the geometric elements used in visual communication describes the evolution of individuals who, together, form a new structure capable of floating lightly in this whole. In addition, the interaction between the digital components and the typography results in the creation of abstract scenarios, which convey a sense of depth in space and time, especially thanks to the dark colour scheme in the background: adimensional geometries as an expression of corporate identity.


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The world of constellations is the concept of this proposal: individual elements that live by their own light and guide the men actions.  

Meeting and interaction are the basis of the second idea. Experiences and sensations generate new forms and meanings.

Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli
Communication & External Relations
Fabio Zanino
Andrea Fiori, Simone Pareti
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Giulia Martino
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Simona Gentile, Gabriele Colantuoni