WAY, technology partner of excellence in IoT for logistics 4.0 and the safety of people, goods and vehicles in motion, presents itself with a new identity, representing solidity, reliability and its entire system of technology and values. Innovation, support and optimisation: the concepts from which we started.

The new positioning is based on the centrality of the human being and WAY’s ability to accompany her towards efficient solutions for optimising work, safety and lifestyle through innovative technologies.
The unit underlying the visual language is the vector. When it meets other units, a system is born: it changes according to the information received through the geolocalisation technology carriers. The redistribution and combination of individual elements gives rise to ever new scenarios and images, creating ever new digital landscapes.

It is a Dynamic brand that points to the future of new communication, thanks to the use of contemporary visual languages. It accompanies events and social stories, but above all the new website, developed on the basis of modularity and able to give dynamism and content clarity.

The identity
It becomes a sign.

Brand identity
Digital marketing
Exhibit design
Motion graphic
Positioning strategy
Social media marketing
UX & UI design
Visual design
WAY Logo
WAY Company Profile
WAY Trasporti
WAY Persone e Sicurezza
WAY Agricoltura
WAY Rimborso Accise
WAY Smartphone
WAY Mobile
WAY Website
WAY Landing
Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli
Communication & External Relations
Fabio Zanino
Art Direction
Andrea Fiori
Danila Domizi
Motion Design
Simone Pareti & Giulia Martino
Digital Project Management
Massimiliano Napoli & Anna Caruso
Digital Marketing
Gabriele Colantuoni

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