The Brand Design and Corporate Identity project for Pascarella Carni Kasher is based on a thorough analysis of the target market and on distinctive characteristics of the business: quality of products, friendly atmosphere, expertise, and respect for tradition connected to innovation.

The logo design is based on the hexagon, on the word Kosher written in letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and the dark sky-blue color, all very characteristic of the cultural background. This subject has been thus adopted in other aspects of the identity system, such as website design, social media marketing, and advertising in its various forms.

The result is an effective dissemination of the brand, an increase in brand reputation, a powerful product promotion, and the transmission of Pascarella Carni Kasher’s core values.

Unique Identity.
Carving the History.

Brand identity
Editorial design
Social media marketing
Type design
Visual design
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Pascarella Kasher – Sign
«Narrative is a key. At the core of this project there's the acquisition of a strong identity, the develop of an interpretative view, and the expression of resilient components. Culture and signs go together on through our identities and the common semantic world we share. It's just an inquiring for new ways to talk to others, stand by them at all».
Pascarella Kasher – Logo Design
Pascarella Kasher – Logo Design & Technique

Old Signs Inspire the New Ones.

Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Visual Design
Emanuele Cappelli, Francesco Di Muro, Emiliano Gatti
Communication Strategy
Arianna Cappelli
Digital Design
Martina Marabitti
Christian Rizzo