Ri-tratto rosso is the book, published by Manfredi Edizioni, dedicated to the exhibition on Federico Fellini as seen by Elisabetta Catalano.

It stems from the desire to portray, through the lens of a great professional photographer, Federico Fellini’s original vision and approach to cinema that wrote the iconic cinematographic era of La dolce vita.

As Emanuele Cappelli says «The idea of Ri-tratto rosso revolves around the concept of time. A past time that cannot return, but instead continues to be present, thanks to the magic of photography and the eternal poetics of Federico Fellini. The organisation of the exhibition and the publication of this book allowed us to carry out a cultural operation capable of restoring the narrative of a time, nourishing memories and inspiring new generations of artists».
The aim is to recreate a magical, Fellini-like harmony that tells two different stories that meet through a play of atmospheres and levels, supported by the original lights and sounds of two masters such as Mauro Stancati and Federico Landini.
As E.C. concludes: «In this corner one finds oneself spying, through a voyeuristic act, on the intimacy of the last shot. An unprecedented gift for the Cinecittà audience».

La dolce vita.

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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Graphic, Editorial & Exhibit Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Cinzia Capparelli
Editorial oversight
Manfredi Nicolò Maretti
Texts edited by
Emanuele Cappelli, Laura Cherubini, Camilla Cormanni, Giancarlo Di Gregorio, Aldo Enrico Ponis, Raffaele Simongini
Jessica Edwards