51st Anniversary of Sessantotto (also known as the 1968 movement in Italy). Fragment of a time surviving in the collective consciousness and symbol of social, political, habit, communication, and art transformations.

The decade of the 1960s marked a momentous period for Italian cinema. The release of a number of groundbreaking movies and the significant influence of visual arts – such as optical art and product design – led to innovative movie sets characterized by refined aesthetics and controlled composite geometric patterns.

Roots of Cinema.
Light and Space.

Brand identity
Editorial design
Exhibit design
Interaction design
Motion graphic
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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Iconographic Research
Raffaele Simongini
Exhibit Design
Iris Pedro Tatay
Art Direction & Visual Design
Emanuele Cappelli
Video Motion
Giulia Martino, Martina Marabitti
Interaction Design
Emanuele Tarducci
Production Management
Emiliano Gatti
Christian Rizzo