The 50th anniversary of 1968, a fragment of time experienced by history and collective imagination as symbolic of social and political transformations, as much as transformations in custom, communication and arts.

Italian cinema of the 60s produced legendary masterpieces and Italian directors, along with cinematographers, scenographers and costume designers, interpreted reality with the greatest results, in such a revolutionary way, often controversially, at times ironically and grotesquely. Influenced by visual art, especially Op art and design, they reinvented conventional codes and created movie sets to be aesthetically original, elegant and eccentric.

This is the spirit in which Italian Pavilion Venice celebrates those formidable years where the dialogue between contemporary art and cinema proved the extraordinary dynamism of the Italian culture. An immersive ambience interacting with people is the way the Italian Pavilion celebrates Italian cinema.

Roots of Cinema.
Light and Space.

Copy Strategy
Editorial Design
Exhibit Design
Logo Design
Motion Graphic
Sound Design
Creative Director
Emanuele Cappelli
Iconographic Research
Raffaele Simongini
Exhibit Design
Iris Pedro Tatay
Art Director
Emanuele Cappelli
Visual & Motion Design
Andrea Fiori, Giulia Martino, Martina Marabitti
Interaction Design
Emanuele Tarducci
Production Manager
Emiliano Gatti, Tommaso Biondo
Christian Rizzo

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