Water, reflection, the lion and the eternity of Venice. The elements representing the Italian Pavilion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival display the city as an absolute and everlasting stream flowing into water and history.

Delicate shades of green and patterns inspired to the bridges of Venice and the city’s traditional flooring move above and under the water, appearing and disappearing. The ethereal and chiseled Venetian atmosphere, source of inspiration for artists, poets and directors, relives at the Italian Pavilion and dives into the aquatic stream along the journey through nature, human and time.

Dreams Can Tell.
Just Close Your Eyes.

Brand identity
Editorial design
Exhibit design
Motion graphic
Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Project Manager
Emiliano Gatti
Visual Design
Giulia Martino, Andrea Fiori
Alessia Olivari

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