Dream has always been, for the humankind, an antidote to sadness and loss of hope.We dream to be capable of imagining the best for us, to discover our intimate meaning, to embody our own potential. To explain Fellini, the great Fellini, and the enormous influence that his works hold on our vision of the world, the Italian Pavilion, designed by Cappelli Identity Design for the 77th Venice Film Festival, puts the oneiric dimension on a show in order to highlight the positive thinking.

Plexiglass panels, bright and fading away, shape the Pavilion body defining its height and width and creating a space ready to be filled by our dreams. Here, the color becomes light and the light becomes a tale. Here, as it is in the movies of the “Maestro” Fellini, it’s impossible to find the edge between the reality and its opposite.

Finally a series of Fellini’s quotes inspired by his thoughts and his works completes the exhibition, giving to the Pavilion a consistent yet fluid form. Here dreams, your dreams, are celebrated. Here your dreams will find time, space, and attention. As Fellini ever wanted.

Let’s dream.
Right now.

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The architectural space of the Pavilion also serves as a dream screen for the projection of the documentary FELLAS22, a tribute to the Maestro which tells his life through his films. The direction and production of the documentary are signed by Cappelli Identity Design while the section of images and historical and philological research is curated by Raffaele Simongini, documentary maker and author of art programs for Rai Educational.

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