A graphic design workshop to design together, to get oriented, to know new possible paths of life.

This year – for the second year running – our Christmas present will be an experience to live. For us at Cappelli Identity Design, the human factor is the engine that constantly feeds our work and from which we draw inspiration to build and strengthen our value system, which today is based on social sustainability, research and integration.

Cappelli Identity Design is made up of different people, identities and cultures and works to ensure that everyone can develop their talent by promoting design and its development through research. Ours is a daily commitment to a fair and democratic system.

For this reason, in a year that is still very complex, especially for the younger generations, we decided to open the doors of our Rome studio to the young people of the Il Tetto Family Home, to experience a graphic design workshop together. We have structured a short two-day course for boys and girls aged between 13 and 20 with the aim of offering them an orientation towards one of the possibilities linked to the world of work, for example in graphic design. The design team will be at the disposal of the boys and girls of the Family Home Il Tetto to clarify any doubts about this job.

It will be a weekend of sharing, together we will discover what design is.

Emanuele Cappelli – CEO & Creative Director, Cappelli Identity Design

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