ContamiNation is an innovative content sharing method, created by Cappelli Identity Design studio, that aims to promote international design and digital marketing cultural heritage in the cultural hub of Rome.

Contamination - Cristiano e Emanuele

ContamiNation promotes the culture of both design and digital marketing, enhancing the value of the work team

ContamiNation is a format containing marketing and design, two important areas of communication and creativity. Furthermore, it is based on the concept of integration, and on the idea that distances are not so important if you share the same goals.

Using talk sessions, events and training projects as means, ContamiNation responds to society’s demand for continuous dynamism and accomplishes this by constantly activating new ways of informing and making more cultural materials available for others .

This kinetic approach also becomes innovative thanks to sharing tools accessible to all and for all. With ContamiNation we want to create a virtuous path between research, knowledge and expertise sharing.

Contamination - Fanton Pentagram e Emanuele Cappelli
Contamination - Fanton Pentagram in studio
Contamination - episodio 1 Fanton
Contamination - Fanton Pentagram ed Emanuele Cappelli

The project comes from the idea of sharing knowledge. The contamination that can be generated from the encounter of different life experiences and backgrounds brings back growth. Moreover, ContamiNation represents a real possibility to involve and build a working team, and this is the case for us.

Emanuele Cappelli

ContamiNation’s format is conveyed through two activities: Live Sessions, involving design and marketing professionals, and training for design students, the Cappelli Design Programme.

Contamination - Emanuele Cappelli
Contamination - Alice Scornajenghi
Contamination - Ossì Parola al Sesso
Contamination - Emanuele Cappelli

ContamiNation Live Sessions: the leading figures from the design and marketing world as guests

The Live Sessions, divided into several episodes, are available on the Cappelli Identity Design Facebook channel. The main players in marketing and design tell their stories while opening their world to the public: ranging from illustration to architecture, from cinema design to industrial design, all the way to the study of big data.

The very first edition of ContamiNation started in October 2019 with Lorenzo Fanton, designer from the New York-based agency Pentagram. Lorenzo shared his experiences and portfolio. In February, ContamiNation hosted Giuseppe Cristiano, a storyboard artist, who has been engaged in cinema design, advertising and music videos since the early 2000s. The ContamiNation program continues unabated: on April 30, Emanuele Cappelli will be meeting Alice Scornajenghi, creator of the fanzine Ossì “a well-made porn mag”, while on May 7 there will be an interview with Rita Petruccioli, an illustrator and cartoonist, also known for her battle in defense of the women’s house Lucha Y Siesta in Rome.

Finally, to mark the conclusion of the program of all pre-summer sessions, on May 28 Luca Pappalardo will talk about Big Data and on June 25 Antonio Aricò will close the 2020 Live Sessions with a journey into the world of art design.

ContamiNation: the Cappelli Design Programme originates from research and training

Cappelli Design Programme is a project of interchange and creative contamination addressed to design and graphic arts students. These students come from foreign countries and belong to economically disadvantaged groups. Through the implementation of three phases – reception and orientation, travel and exploration, thesis and internship – the programme guides students down the path towards discovering their own study method. The goal is to connect foreign students with the Italian artistic heritage, beginning in the city of Rome. 

Some Italian academies of fine arts and design, which play an active role in the process of  Cappelli Design Programme, also support this initiative.

Contamination - Cristiano e la crew Cappelli

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Following the best-practices and sharing knowledge by removing borders and barriers, while always staying connected, are among ContamiNation’s main goals.


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