For our 2022 Zeitgeist Video, we’d like to tell you the story of a shared vision, of research and passion, of adventure and curiosity, of courage driven by our incredible design journey through this year. 

In this video we share our passion carried on over a decade, this same spirit continues to drive everything we do every year.

So, we design and let this 2023 to be the start of a new adventure!

Every year for Christmas, we choose to give gifts that benefit the community rather than the individual. We choose to recognise the value of cultural, social, and sustainable initiatives because, in these, we see the actual value of sharing and progress. 

This year we support culture with a donation to OT L22 Type. We are alongside Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, with whom we have shared an archive research and cultural heritage valorisation project. A project born to preserve memory together and transform it into something more significant. We want to contribute to the future of the archival fund that aims to maintain, enhance and protect the documentary, ideological and social legacy of Adriano Olivetti, whose values we espouse. A treasure for all.

With this initiative we take care of the future starting from the past, and we wish you a happy festive season and a New Year of Beauty and Culture.

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