Emanuele Cappelli presented the creation of the Dynamic brand at Rome Future Week® on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at the Human innovation: orientare il Futuro event organized by Prolaw at Talent Garden Ostiense Roma.

In an ever-changing world, innovation that puts humans at the center has become a key to survival and success. The event explored the crucial role of human skills, education, and human-oriented businesses in shaping the future.

The common thread was the importance of putting the human being at the center of every aspect of change: from developing brands that focus on the human factor to the importance of training to acquire skills needed in a rapidly changing world. Also examined was innovation in personal and professional growth and start-ups that are embracing sustainability and creating positive social impact.

The event’s main themes of sustainability, social impact and innovation provided a learning and idea-sharing opportunity for those interested in shaping a better future.

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