Cappelli Identity Design at Caffè delle Esposizioni, in Palazzo delle Esposizioni, to launch its book on Dynamic brand

The third launch of the book on the Dynamic brand methodology was held in our city, Rome on Thursday, 5 May surrounded by the wonderful setting offered by the Bistrot Caffè delle Esposizioni, inside the interdisciplinary exhibition space of Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

The event provided us with the opportunity to share our ten-year history which has now become a book titled Dynamic brand. The new methodology of brand communication. 

We were able to see many familiar faces: customers, students and design scholars. To tell this adventure they took the stage:

Arianna Cappelli – Head of Strategy & Client Director

Emanuele Cappelli – Designer

Lorenzo Iervolino – Digital Copywriter

How is a brand created? And how can we build an ecosystem of signs and symbols able to convey the brand message without losing sight of the time passing by? These questions led us to investigate the infinite ways to communicate a brand in the digital era. The Dynamic brand is a journey combining design and business strategy, a new approach to creating authentic relationships among the brand and the people. The tale of a new methodology and its various applications as experimented by Cappelli Identity Design. Dynamic brand collects thoughts and case studies to prove how the advent of new media has affected the way businesses and institutions communicate a brand, leading to the humanization of their objectives.

With a preface by Steven Heller and an introduction by Betti Marenko, the book is published by Skira, edited by Cappelli Identity Design, and distributed worldwide by Artbook, Thames & Hudson. 

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