A brand identity for the hotel group Dei Cavalieri Collection comprising Hotel dei Cavalieri Milano, Hotel The Square Milano, Hotel dei Cavalieri Caserta and Hotel Monna Lisa Firenze, designed with simple forms and contemporary compositions. Elegance and luxury are the focal points we focused on to strengthen and innovate brand recognition by finding common lines for all hotels.

An essential element is the C, which represents the basis of the identity system of the whole Collection, and within it, the figure of the knight is placed as a reinterpretation of the noble seals. The knight is presented in a soaring posture and carries on his shield the snake, the symbol of the City of Milan.

There is a strong reference to the world of Renaissance art and heraldic language to convey excellence, typical of the Italian Renaissance, in a contemporary context. Patterns and geometry reinforce the identity of Dei Cavalieri Collection. Gold, the primary color of the brand identity, represents elegance, luxury and well-being, and typography becomes the protagonist by enriching the visuals with elegant and bold strokes. A Dynamic brand capable of living in online and offline communication, as in furnishings, fabrics and merchandising.


Brand identity
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Visual design
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Creative Direction
Emanuele Cappelli
Arianna Cappelli
Emanuele Cappelli, Andrea Fiori
Alessia Olivari