The Emirates’ advertising campaign for the Visit Dubai Tourist Board is all about the female gaze. We tried to highlight female presence in the Emirate by playing with the wonders of this location and the amazed eyes of a woman as she looks at them.

The digital campaign reached its peak with events in several Italian cities on Women’s Day, leading to a significant increase in air ticket sales to this destination.

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Emirates Dubai – Advertising Billboard on Street
Emirates Dubai – Invitation

On the basis of these premises, the social media campaign "Dubai. She is the wonder" takes place, where Dubai is seen as a woman and by the eye of a woman. This dual perspective creates a positive emotional tension between the wonder in the eyes of the woman who looks and the wonder of what is being looked at.

Emirates Dubai – Advertising on Street
Emirates Dubai – Advertising Editorial Design
Emirates Dubai – Digital Corporate Identity - Laptop View
Emirates Dubai – Tablet View
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Emanuele Cappelli, Andrea Fiori, Emiliano Gatti
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